Diversité et normes au fil du temps

Présidence : Pre Daniela Hubl,
médecin-cheffe, Hôpital universitaire
de psychiatrie et psychothérapie, Berne

2 novembre 2023

Abstract Dre Antonella Santuccione Chadha

Revolutionizing Clinical Development and Medical Care: Harnessing Sex and Gender Differences and Digital Innovations in Brain Health and Alzheimer’s Disease

Sex and gender differences have emerged as pivotal factors shaping the landscape of brain health and medical care. These distinctions exert a multifaceted influence on symptomatology, diagnosis, disease progression, treatment response, and drug safety profiles. The Women's Brain Project, a pioneering initiative at the forefront of precision medicine, has elucidated the intricate interplay between sex, gender, brain health, and mental health. Through evidence-driven insights, their work underscores the urgent need to address and bridge these disparities to transform clinical development and medical care. 

In an upcoming talk, Dr. Santuccione Chadha, WBP pro-bono CEO and co-founder, will illustrate their groundbreaking work, showcasing how novel approaches and digital solutions are reshaping the trajectory of clinical development with a special focus on Alzheimer’s disease. This talk will show how precise interventions can revolutionize traditional paradigms of clinical development and medical practice. Crucially, this paradigm shift not only promises to enhance patient outcomes but also holds the potential to significantly alleviate the socioeconomic burden associated with brain health conditions. 

By embracing a comprehensive understanding of sex and gender differences, combined with cutting-edge digital tools, the Women's Brain Project provides a compelling blueprint for a more equitable and effective medical landscape. The combination of scientific evidence, innovation, and advocacy converges to herald a transformative era in brain health research and clinical care, offering hope for a brighter future for individuals affected by Alzheimer's disease and related conditions.